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I am involved in youth sports parenting for more than forty years, having experienced it from both sides of the coin. The process never ends because I am still learning; my kids teach me every day. Do you have the feeling of coming up short as a parent? Don't worry; you are not alone. It happens to me all the time, and we can fix it together. As Jim Rohn said, success is attained with a few things done every day. A tool with more than twenty skills to develop is now available. There are no shortcuts. You have to work on yourself, not on your child. You, becoming a super parent, once mastered your parenting skills. Welcome to the Youth Sports Parenting Studio

Do you know 75% of the kids drop out from sports at age sixteen and never return to them? Parents have a meaningful impact on this decision. Here, I will help training parents in assisting children to maintain their stay in sports. In this place, I share more than forty years of Youth Sports Parenting journey and learn about other parents' experiences. Giving and receiving make us better human beings. My aim is to ensure that every kid can reach his or her full potential. Kids need the best role model and the key is in parent training.

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Social proof: testimonials

“Great job of Hernan Chousa in this inspirational course! I‘ve known Hernan for many years, and he is a specialist in parenting tips. Each work, he improves his depth in the subject. As a former professional tennis player and parent of a competitive son in College tournaments, he has a unique vision of the game and the exact advice for parents struggling with their kids. Fulfill with a lot of passion, he delivers encouraging material that will make you think more than a while. Sometimes is a small step that separates you from the right decision and could stop the impulse of a competitive work or sport. That is usually confidence. I strongly recommend his books and this course. ”

Author. First Officer ERJ190 at Aerolíneas Argentinas.

Christian Carollo

“Hernan has an incredible way to keep communication very simple and concise. He makes this talk kid and adult-friendly, and at the same time keeps it very educational for all parties. I found it interesting and on point with every detail addressed. Well done.  ”

M.S '12 Miami Beach Tennis Academy Director of Player Development, 
 Founder of BETWEEN LINES, University of Miami Associate Head Tennis Coach, University of Miami Class of 2020 Hall of Fame  IG: @lauvallverdu | @betweenlinescollective Twitter: @vallverdu_laura | @tennisBTWNlines


“I first met Hernan on the ATP Tour, and we have been great friends since then. When his oldest son, Julian, pursued a college tennis career in the USA, we became even closer, as I guided him through the recruiting process. He’s also been a great advisor for me and my relationships with my three daughters, who have been involved in sports since they were little. Hernan is the best in the field in youth sports parenting, and his course is an opportunity for parents to acquire the skills they need to navigate their kid’s journey. ”

Former Assistant Tennis Coach University of Alabama Former Head Tennis Coach University of Miami Assistant Tennis Coach University of Louisville.

Mario Rincón

“Hernan has gone from being on the "inside" as the father of a former top Nationally ranked junior tennis player, to the "outside" as someone who has dedicated years observing and studying the fascinating world of being the parent of a talented kid. He communicates this complex topic in the most simple and easy-to-follow course.”

USP CEO & Founder

Thomas Anderson

“Hernan, as a player and as a person understood at first hand what it takes to train to win ...and then WIN when the margins between success and failure are so small. Confucius says, A fool learns from his own mistakes. A wise man learns from the mistakes of others. Becoming Top 20 in your country and top 300 in the world takes something. In fact it takes A LOT. Despite all his training and success this didn't naturally translate into parenthood!! His eldest son quit tennis at the age of 15! It was like someone closest to you shunned THE great love affair. Why? How did that happen? All those life, relationships, business lessons missed. What did I (Hernan) do wrong? And that started the second chapter in Hernan's quest for Winning ....Winning PARENTS. It's not the parents fault. They haven't been educated or trained. Who could be their guide and mentor. Lots of research, two introductory books, Leader and Key Presenter at Winning Summit led to his magnus opi ParentShift and also his training course. Not just theory, research, psychology but written as a Winner that has been there, done it and a journey of failure! Don't be a fool, be a wise man. Learn from Hernan!”

Founder WINNING Summit

Mark Jeffery

“I have known Hernan for a few years, knowing the value of parents’ education as a paramount element in the development of the sport in our kids, his work and guidance are a sure way for you to benefit from his experience. His knowledge and experience is a sure way to avoid easy and critical mistakes we all make and learn how to work and develop the relationship of parent-child-sport in the healthiest way for all to benefit an win. There is an old quote from Benjamin Frankin: “ Experience is a most expensive lesson, but only this way you can learn something”, with Hernan’s guidance you can make your experience be less costly to you and your loved ones. I strongly recommend you take the course! ”

Global Business consultant, entrepreneur, blogger, critic, Tennis parent, dad, coach and tennis fanatic.

Javier Palenque, Miami Florida

“ "I had the pleasure to watch Hernan as a speaker and to have him as a guest on my podcast. Without a doubt, he is an expert when it comes to sports parenting and on how to help young athletes and parents to become the best version of themselves. Hernan has been on both sides of the aisle as a professional tennis player and as a tennis parent, so he definitely knows what he is talking about. His willingness to be candid and empathetic about sports parenting, a topic that can be very sensitive makes him the right person to work with as a consultant or as a speaker for your events. I could have definitely used Hernan's help when I myself was a professional tennis player. Don't hesitate, Hernan is your guy!"”